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relaxed. simple. traditional.

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We're Richard and Fran, very proud owners of The Greyhound Charcott!

This is our first pub venture together and we can barely believe it is now five years since we have bought the freehold here and we are absolutely determined to ensure this continues to be a great pub for you to come and enjoy spending time with us.

We're a local couple who are both from this area; so know it well and appreciate how beautiful a spot we are located in. There are so many lovely walks, local attractions and cycle routes in and around this area so lots to combine with your visit to see us.

We're all about a simple, relaxed pub vibe here at The Greyhound, in all honesty, we are sharing our home with you, therefore it's really important to us to bring the best of what we do to our customers through great atmosphere, good beer, wine and food.


We're proud to run our very own farm in Weald alongside our beloved pub, all with the aim of bringing you the freshest and best local produce to your plate. That's why our menus are always changing. We work closely with our head chef Sean to keep things as fresh and tasty as possible!

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fresh local produce from our farm

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The Greyhound Charcott Logo CIRCLE.png


We strive to bring you the best of local variety and we're spoilt for choice with excellent local independent breweries across Kent and Sussex. We certainly enjoy trying them out!


Many of you will know Larkins, our local brewery; the closest to us at just two miles from our pump! Their beer is made only from their own hops grown on their farm, right beside us. Larkins Traditional is their best bitter, a true Kentish real ale at 3.4% and we often offer this on our bar.


We mix it up with a wonderful selection of beers from great local breweries, always working within around a 30 mile radius, a couple of other really great ones that feature regularly are Canterbury Ales, especially their Wife of Bath at only 3.7% and Old Dairy's Uber Brew at only 3.8%.  

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Bartender with Beer

On the lager pumps we've got the retro but totally revamped Hofmeister! In their own words: 'Yup, you read it right: Hofmeister is back. And it’s bigger, better, Bavarian-er than ever before. Slow-brewed in Germany and crafted according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law, we think our genuine Bavarian Helles is the best lager you can get your paws on.' 


Come and try it here, we don’t think you'll be disappointed!

We also serve Guinness, Silly Moo Cloudy Cider from Trenchmore Farm at Cowfold village, Numb Angel Lager from Gun Brewery, along with regularly changing craft beers too, currently we have couple of tasty options; Angel & Demons Bombay Social a lovely session IPA and Reboot, a juice pale ale from Only with Love Brewery on the TBar here. 

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local breweries for beer, lager, ales and cider

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We have a great selection of soft drinks available here too, from Franklins flavoured tonics to lightly sparkling Kingsdown presses as well as the full range of Folkingtons freshly pressed bottled juices too!


We have a plentiful supply of different gins and summery cooler drinks. You can even try a zesty Kombucha here too, perfect with lots of ice and fresh lemon or lime on a hot day.

It is great to work with smaller suppliers and we enjoy having different options available here, that you just don't find at every neighbouring pub...variety is after all the spice of life!