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Here you will find our sample menus...kindly have a read of the notes below as they will help you! 


Sunday Lunch - we run two sittings here and so unfortunately don't offer tables around 1pm.

Our early sitting offers sit down times of 12, 1215 or 1230pm and our later one offers 230, 245 or 3pm sit down times, these are all dependent on group size.  Please note we offer two meat and a vegetarian roast option in additional to a selection of dishes from our main menu too.

Coming up, we have Mothering Sunday to look forward to on the 10th March and we will be running a delicious set menu for this special day, check out the link below to see what is on offer!  Booking essential to avoid disappointment.


Please note - these menus are all samples and may be subject to change at any time, except Mothers Day which is set.  We are always happy to take dietary requirements into account wherever possible, please just ask us!

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